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Who we are…

Founder and maker Erik Desjarlais knows his way around an apron. In his previous career, he spent 20 years wearing one. From apprentice to cook to chef to restaurant owner/problem solver.  In 2011, after retiring from kitchen life at 34, he began making chef's knife rolls and aprons under the moniker Weft & Warp. As a kid he worked with his grandfather as an apprentice upholsterer, which built a foundation of textile and sewing skills In January of 2018, he began training another chef to take over Weft & Warp, with the company trading hands in April. No more knife rolls meant more focus on apron quality and quantity, as well as a fresh new name and logo. Fitswell Apron Company was born. The logo is definitely recognizable to some- if not, just look up The Circle Game. As ridiculous as it seems, it fits in well with kitchen life.  (And life in general- you should definitely'll be hooked. And it is fun.)

Fitswell Apron Company enlists the skills of a handful of super talented local Maine sewists and craftspeople to help build each one by hand. (Diane Harriman is the driving force behind production...she's a machine.)


The Aprons...

The aprons we make are a continuation of the aprons Erik has been making since 2011.  The Signature Butcher Stripe apron formerly by Weft & Warp was the inspiration behind the design of the new aprons.  We added a few features, and took some things away.  These aprons are durable, comfortable, and look pretty cool.  And there are no bells and whistles.  

Why we do it...

In a world of mass produced aprons, expensive aprons, and cheaply made sweatshop aprons, there is a demand for just plain GOOD aprons at a reasonable price. Protect yourself.