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We've made aprons for thousands of chefs, professionals and home cooks. Sometimes they say nice things about us!

Anybody can make an apron, but it’s the tradition of it. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are, and that comes through in his work. It’s not just a “piece of creativity,” it can be worn every day and is functional
— Brian Young, CDC/Butcher, Cultivar, Boston
His stuff is beautiful without being flashy. It’s the “Maine Aesthetic” like LL Bean. It’s beautiful because it’s well made.
— Andrew Taylor, Chef/co-Owner, Hugo's, Eventide, Honeypaw, Portland Maine
A psychological change happens when I put on the apron, man. I put it on, I tie it right, I’m ready to crush!
— Mark "Gooch" Noguchi. Chef/Owner Pili Group, HI
No one has ever come close to his quality
— Frederic Eliot, CDC, Scales, Portland Maine
It’s not doing the product justice, its doing the PROCESS justice.
— Matt Jennings, Chef/owner, Townsman, Boston